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My husband and I   met  Reza and Mo Khatami  when we rented an apartment.

We had recently sold our home and we wanted to rent for a while before rushing to buy something. We had never rented before so we were not sure what to expect since we had heard some terrible stories from friends and family regarding their landlords. We had a pleasant experience renting from them. Whenever we had any issue with the rental unit they responded to our request promptly and professionally.

When we decided to purchase they really helped us to decide by analyzing all the options that we had at the moment.

They really wanted to help us. It wasn’t only to purchase any property, they really wanted the best for us just like if we were family to them.  They really wanted us to get the best option.

They were very professional and looked after us throughout the whole process.


We are grateful for all their help and this is why we would use them in the future and definitely will recommend their services as property managers and as real estate agents.


Chery and Genaro Garcia.

Dec 04 2014


 To all homebuyers, Home sellers and property owners in the greater Vancouver that like to buy, sell or rent their properties I like to take the time to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate all professional and hard work Mo and Reza Khatami put into finding the right and qualified buyer for our property in Port Moody. They were able to bring numerous offers and finally sell our property for over $25,000.00 over our asking price. Wow!

Prior to the sold of our property they worked diligently in finding the right renters to rent our property in Port Moody twice in the previous five years. They did an impeccable job in managing and repairing any issue arose with the property for five years duration.


Words don’t justify how much we appreciate the work that these two fine professional realtors did for our family.


Dr. Michael Shoar

H & M Medical, SC

2204-110 Brew St. Port Moody

November 18th, 2014

"Thanks so much Reza Khatami and Moe Khatami!!! The most patient and knowledgable Realtors in Vancity... You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!" Faraz Nayebi-Feb 22,2014


" Thinking back on my experience with SwiftRent for the past five years, I remember nothing but work well done! The employees worked very hard to make sure my property was rented out in the shortest amount of time, to a reasonable and suitable tenant. During the entire time that SwiftRent was in charge of the management of my property, there were absolutely no problems such as having the property vacant or late rent. All the rent payments were paid at the right time; with a few rare exceptions that were followed and resolved promptly by SwiftRent. Also the tenant that was found for us by SwiftRent

was very suitably qualified. The tenant caused no problems and followed all the agreements that were made. Lastly, taking into account the financial times, I was very happy with the amount of rent received on m property.

I would recommend SwiftRent Property Management to all my friends and family, as they are the best property management I have worked with in the past 30 years or so of my involvement in property matters. "

 Dr. M. Jaberi



I am writing to you to express my satisfaction with your service through SwiftRental Management.
 Throughout the past year I have worked with you, I have found your service to be excellent in terms of finding suitable tenants on timely fasion and obtaining good rental amount from tenants paying on time and keeping the rental property well. I have recommended your service to a number of friends and family members and will have no hesitation to continue working with your work.
Thank you" Dr. Ali R. Kazemi


"Dear Mo

I like to write you a quick thank you note for a wonderful service I have received From Swift Rental.  You were a referral from a friend and I did received the best service, from the initial video made of my unite, to renting the place within less than a week, to prompt renewal of the lease a year later. There has not been any vacancy or problem under your management within past two years and I will strongly and comfortably recommend your company to a friend.  

sincerely yours    Masoud Mossabeh"


"To whom it may concern:

Since I have started my contract with Swiftrent I had a good rental experience because my property was not vacant at any time and it was rented in a very short period of time(one week). The tenant who was selected was well suitable and qualified ,never had any late payment and I was always contacted by the management of Swiftrent regarding any issues or problems.

Based on my own experience I would defiantly recommend your company to whomever need any rental.

Kind Regards



"We were very pleased with the good quality services that we have received from SwiftRent during this process, very honest and committed team with a very fast turnaround time to find the qualified people for renting out our property. We are confident to recommend them to our family and friends. Thank you SwiftRent!"





"Dear Moe,
I wanted to thank you for your great job, SwiftRental Management has provided a satisfactory service throughout the couple years we worked with you. You guys are well knowledgeable and informed and what makes working with you guys valuable is that you educate and provide efficient information to your customers. In term of tenants, you have found suitable tenants with on time payments; I have been continuously recommending your service to my friends and family.
Thank you for great work.
Sajad and Marjan Seifian"

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